Last December to celebrate 10 years of Soccer Manager Worlds, we started offering members of our community their very own free Custom Game World. You can read about this initiative here. We introduced this because we believe the best way to enjoy the multiplayer game is by playing in the same Game Worlds as your friends, family and work colleagues.

If you aren’t sure what a Custom Game World is then it’s a Game World that is created by a member of our community who decides on the format and also the rules. When creating your Custom Game World you can choose any of these unique features:

  • Your Game World name and your starting club;
  • The clubs in your Game World;
  • The number of divisions and clubs in your Game World;
  • Whether the Game World is open to everyone or whether it is application/invite only;
  • The number of clubs promoted and relegated;
  • The number of points for a win;
  • The manager’s reputation entry level to your Game World;
  • Whether clubs start with empty squads or default squads;
  • Whether clubs start with default balances or a predetermined balance;
  • Along with a whole range of other exciting custom features.

Once the Game World has been created you then administrate it deciding which managers you want to let join and adjust the Advanced Rules if necessary at the start of each new season.

We’ve had a fantastic response to our Custom Game World initiative and lots of you have taken advantage and created your very own unique Game World for free.

You’ll be pleased to know that we aren’t stopping there as we want to improve these Game Worlds and make them more unique. What we’d like to know if what additional Advanced Rules and new features would you like to see in Custom Game Worlds? For example you might want to be able to select a Squad Cap and have the ability to Allocate Squad Numbers in your Advanced Rules. For additional features you might want to be able to bolt on extra national leagues to your template.

You are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments section below or alternatively visit our forums and leave your feedback within this thread.


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I mentioned in a blog post last week that going forward any updates to Soccer Manager Worlds will be released in versions. So the first update since our relaunch to celebrate 10 years of Soccer Manager is v2.01.

The big news that I want to shout about is the introduction of a 2D matchday experience into our two test Game Worlds, IDs 238724 & 239094, as well as in English Championship 2154 (Game World ID 17658) and Gold Championship 7 (Game World ID 3065). In my post last week I explained how i’d had access to this for the past few months and enjoyed watching my Castilla’s matches via a 2D overhead view of the pitch. I’m still enjoying watching my games this way and think it’s better than the traditional commentary because you can see the action unfold in front of you.

The 2D matchday experience is currently in Beta and if you’d like to help test it and provide feedback, please feel free to apply for a team in either of our two test Game Worlds or alternatively join either English Championship 2154 or Gold Championship 7. I’m sure you’ll agree with me in that it’s a massive addition to the game and will enhance your matchday experience.

v2.01 also contains numerous bug fixes and improvements to the new user interface (UI). This wouldn’t have been possible without your help, so a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback over the past few weeks. I think that with this latest update the new UI has taken a massive step forward and we’re getting to the point where the old one will eventually be phased out. So please keep your feedback coming as this is invaluable.

When we made changes back in December to the algorithm for calculating a player’s value, it was changed to include the player’s potential rating and any concerns they may have, as well as what was taken into account before: rating, age and position. However, this led to some fluctuations in a player’s value and we have now smoothed this out to stop drastic fluctuations on a daily basis.

We’ve also made the penalties for players playing out of position harsher based on your feedback. I won’t go into exact detail of what the penalties are but I will say that I won’t be playing a player out of position unless i’m forced to due to a lack of options because of injuries and/or suspensions!

The last update to tell you about in v2.01 are improvements to the free Custom Game World that you receive when your reputation is 45+. There are numerous managers who’ve invited their friends to join them in Soccer Manager Worlds and take a club in the new Custom Game World that they’ve created. As a thank you to those that have filled their Custom Game World, you will receive another free Game World if your last one is still active when you’ve finished your first full season. So it’s no longer a one off and you can keep receiving free Custom Game Worlds for you and your friends to play in as long as you all remain active.

To make it easier to invite your friends to join you in your Custom Game World, we’ve made numerous improvements to the friend inviter tools, allowed the owner to offer clubs sooner, allowed accepted managers to tell their friends about the Game World and also created a news feed were the owner and friends can post messages prior to it opening. I think that with these improvements it’s now easier than ever to invite your friends to join you and hopefully you’ll all continue to enjoy making the free Custom Game Worlds that we’re giving away!

About the author – Steven Gore

Steven is one of the co-founders of Soccer Manager and has been playing SM Worlds since August 2005. He can be found in Gold Championship 7 (Game World ID 3065) managing Castilla if you’d like to join him.


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